Tickly Circles in Allegro – Isotta – Cerchi nell’Acqua

Writing about Iris Gris, has had me wear a lot of peach and/ or iris fragrances of late. I even wore ‘Isotta’ three days in a row, which made me want to give it a proper post.

Despite me having just admitted at Olfactoria’s Travels in her ‘People in Perfumeland’ series, that I do prefer classic fragrance pyramids over linear, star-shaped, circular or other non-pyramid compositions, this is of course a truth with modifications. There are several exceptions, Isotta being one of them.

The perfumer is Enrico Buccella and Isotta is a release under his brand Cerchi nell’acqua. S. Buccello is also the founder of Sigilli and Les Voiles Dépliées and is the nose behind Olfattivo Laboratorio’s Alambar. Cerchi nell’Acqua means circles in the water and the name stands for the fragrance composition for this particular line, described as “a fragrant energy that is gently dispersed in the regular circular manner of circles in water” isotta pic is mine

The opening is citrus dancing like sunbeams on the sea. After that, it’s true; Isotta spreads out her layers in circular movements. Imagine layers of notes violets, peach both green and ripe ones, sandalwood, warm woody iris and discreet musky vanilla and through these layers, the olfactory equivalent of (candy) pop-rocks explosions, send out through the circles, and forming into separate bubbles.tegning isotta It makes the perfume tickle your nose throughout the wearing time. Despite its decidedly modern feel, the thing that kept coming back to me while writing this was Vivaldi’s concerto for flautino in C RV 443. It’s build around a main theme, which returns (ritornello) played by the orchestra and soloist, intercepted by different solo variations for the recorder. Listen: the dry woodiness, sprightly and virtuoso flute notes and the balancing work of the string orchestra led by the crisp cembalo and the mellow lute. The way this allegro movement is lively and bouncing, yet somehow still sober, to my senses matches what Isotta is. And tickle, snap, pop all the way through…

Notes: hesperidic notes, violet, peach, iris, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, amber.

Isotta was one of my purchases while in Rome with Suzanne, Mark and Ines last summer. I like to buy fragrances while away as a memory, so in this instance it was important to me that it was an Italian brand. Isotta with its iris/ peach combo had instant appeal, but many other from this line were very interesting too. Italian in style, yet very refined and thoroughly modern.

14 thoughts on “Tickly Circles in Allegro – Isotta – Cerchi nell’Acqua

  1. Oh, Rome! And the lovely summer days we spent there. 🙂

    This really sounds like a lovely summer perfume – I must say I don’t remember how it smelled…

    P.S. I still can’t hit Like button under your posts for some reason.

    • Yes, such a beautiful vacation.
      I didn’t send you some Isotta? Will do next time around 🙂 And about the Like button, I don’t get it, Birgit can! I’ll have a look and see if there is something I can do.

  2. I do understand about buying fragrances as a memory! Those scents associated with the places and experience are sometimes so much more vivid than flipping through travel photos. 🙂

    • I agree. An olfactive souvenir and an excuse to spend money on perfume in one 🙂

  3. Asali, what a lovely “sounds of scent” type of review. I listened to the Vivaldi piece and it reminded me of a really sprightly bird song … I can’t remember the bird, but I think it’s a Wood Thrush that makes this beautiful flute-like song.

    The way you describe Isotta very much fits what I think of in terms of many Italian-style perfumes … they have great sparkle and vivacity. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say that because it makes it sounds as if I’ve sampled a lot of Italian fragrances when I haven’t. (But I *was* in Rome, and I did quite enjoy the vivacity of its people. Not to mention the company I kept!) 😉

    • Thank you Suzanne, yes you *were* indeed <3 What a great trip 🙂 I think that's a very good description of Italian perfumery that you give, I'd add that some also have temperament and assertiveness.
      I didn't think of that, but of course you're right that the concerto is like birdsong. I'm so impressed with the soloist, and I adore this orchestra, they actually have all those things; sparkle, vivacity, temperament and assertiveness.

  4. Isotta sounds a very lively, joyful perfume and a perfect reminder of your time in Rome with wonderful company.

    I love how your reviews are both lyrical and crystal clear – a very hard balance to achieve.

    • That is a wonderful compliment dear Tara, I couldn’t have said better myself what it is that I actually strive for, but that’s it! (the crystal clear being the tough part 😉 )
      Isotta is a lovely and different take on an iris perfume, which I find is a rare thing.

    • Thank you Birgit- Vivaldi truly is so much more than ‘the 4 seasons’, especially played by Il Giardino Armonico, I think you’d also enjoy the lute concerto.

  5. Echoing the comments of previous posters – while I am not familiar with this line, I can well imagine that a purchase made on holiday with fumehead friends would have a special significance. I also liked the water and musical analogies, and especially the popping candy one! Then that diagram of rings had me thinking of my seismologist brother and the shock waves of an earthquake. 😉

    • Haha! I had to instantly google “diagrams seismology”, to make sure I hadn’t involuntarily made shock waves instead of scent waves 🙂 ( A bit relieved that I haven’t) – the popping candy truly is the closest I can come to explaining what’s going on.
      The line isn’t well known, but first in fragrance has it, and I thought there were several very good ones.

  6. I am always on the hunt for Italian perfumes, so I will have to see if I can track this down. Your description is very persuasive. 🙂

    P.S. The like button on WordPress is not working for me, for some reason? It just keeps claiming to be loading – never actually shows a button I can push. It might just be me, though.

    • I am not entirely sure how this particular perfume would work for you because of the iris, but the whole line is definitely worth exploring, I found them all interesting and very Italian, and there were several I should have liked to test further.
      Ines spoke about the issue with the ‘like’ button too, how silly… I honestly don’t know what’s wrong but will look into it further. I’ll ask what Birgit does, since she seems to be able to do it. Is the page generally slow loading for you?

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