Sunny Disposish’- Pomélo Paradis (new release) and Silver Iris by Atelier Cologne

With Pomélo Paradis, Atelier Cologne has added another fragrance to their original line, which stays true to exploring new territory in the cologne style. Here it’s new star is pomelo (or a mix of grapefruit and orange) as the citrus top, making it somewhat sweeter than the usual cologne by staying away from sharp citric flavours. It’s sparkly, as if little bursts of grapefruit sticks out from the juicy core here and there, and as orange flowers add sweetness I’m reminded just a little of lollypops and lemonade, without it ever being explicitly candy-like. On the strip I can smell a very faint, very light ambery dry-down, which is lost on my dry skin, but might be there for others.sunny disposish pomelo

While testing the new release Pomélo Paradis one phrase which kept coming up was ‘sunny disposish’- I think certain Jeeves and Wooster fans will immediately know what I’m talking about, whereas others might need a bit of help. P.G. Wodehouse’s novels about Jeeves, the brilliant and know-it-all valet to Bertie Wooster’s dim-witted young English aristocrat navigate through the dangers of bachelorhood, in London, NY and the English countryside in the 1930´s. Spraying Pomelo Paradis instantly makes me think of Hugh Laurie’s Wooster singing this silly Gershwin song called ‘A Sunny Disposish’’.

Jeeves & Wooster/ Fry & Laurie

Jeeves & Wooster/ Fry & Laurie

I could imagine this one being great if you were looking for a citrus/ cologne fragrance that felt more orange and less acidic, especially for spring and summer. It’s simply a fragrance of a very sunny disposish and good humour, matching persons and/or weather of the same inclination.


It should come as no great surprise that Silver Iris is my favourite of all the Atelier Colognes, it’s iris duh! And this one is lovely. Some have questioned the sense in choosing a name so similar to Serge Lutens’ iconic Iris Silver Mist. But for me there was never an overlap in thought. In ISM the silver belongs to the mist, the silvery moonlight shimmer and earth’s damp breath, whereas in Silver Iris, the silver belongs to the iris dressed in silver sequined dress at New Years. It’s festive*, and dare I say it; lively almost upbeat… This I find comes from the (typical AC) opening citrus burst, here of mandarins which makes it sweet and ties nicely with the following blooming of a gorgeous iris note, verging on beige suede.sunny disposish iris Beautifully this is all kept from going all blue by adding the sweetness of violet-notes and green feel of the leaves. Drying down to me is still all iris, but with a hint of musk and amber added. Thankfully patchouli is kept in the background to just give a little structure to the dryer side of the rooty iris feel. This is a great choice of iris fragrance, if you like your iris fragrances a little sweet while still dry rather than powdery, and let’s not forget; zippy rather than moody.

Ok, so Silver Iris is not exactly as frivolously sunny as Pomélo Paradis, but it could probably spend a day or two in Pomelo’s company, and I could even see them really going to town together, before Silver Iris would go bonkers and need a bit of restorative sane loneliness. Perhaps the Jeeves to Pomelo’s Wooster…

“The rain may pitter patter, it really doesn’t matter, for life can be delish with a sunny disposish!”



*Yes, Gaia already wrote that, I know, but I agree 100%. Here’s her great review of Silver Iris. And there isn’t a lack of brilliant reviews of Silver Iris; here’s Tara’s at OT, Lucas’s at Chemist, CFB by Mark Behnke, The scented hound. And for Pomélo Paradis CFB

** Samples offered to me by Atelier Cologne

***pics mine, apart from the jeeves and wooster one

21 thoughts on “Sunny Disposish’- Pomélo Paradis (new release) and Silver Iris by Atelier Cologne

  1. What a fab review. I think your main image is also my favourite so far. Love the Jeeves and Wooster comparison. Just perfect and a lot of fun.

    Silver Iris may have been a little too bright and shiny for me but I will definitely try Pomelo Paradis. I have a thing for orangey summery perfumes. Meanwhile I am very grateful to you for introducing me to Hiris. My bottle arrived today 🙂

    • Thank you dear Tara, as always the Gershwin song just stuck and it wasn’t till I wrote the last sentence that it actually ended up being tied together as jeeves and wooster… By now I can imagine which notes works how on your skin, and Silver Iris I can see could turn out like that for you. So glad you like Hiris though- to me it’s a comfort scent, the initial blast smells like the skin lotion of my childhood – it doesn’t exist anymore, but Hiris always takes me right back. ( Woohoo! You got a bottle)
      I think you’d enjoy Pomelo Paradis then, a quite warm cologne, yet not too orangy, though the grapefruit/ mandarin combo.

  2. Thank you for your insights on these. I can’t wait to try Pomelo Paradis when it comes out – I have a soft spot in my heart for pomelos, hehe. I have only tried Silver Iris once so far, and while I didn’t love the opening (for me it was a bit too lipstick-y), I found the dry down to be surprisingly amazing and I couldn’t get enough of it. I look forward to my next few tries.

    • Soft spot for Pomelos, so funny, I hadn’t even tasted one until two years ago, but I must admit they are addictive. I do know that iris is one of the notes that behaves most different on people, so weird, I don’t get the lipstick at all. Sometimes one also need to get to know a fragrance before it clicks, as of course you know, so do try it again since you love the dry down so much. And otherwise, well, luckily there are plenty of others 🙂

      • Pomelos to me are like Pink Lemonade in fruit form, so delish. And for me, they are always eaten in good company. 🙂

        • In that case, Pomelo Paradis is your PERFECT rendition, I think we’re on to a winner, Sun Mi 🙂

  3. Hi Asali, thanks for the review. I’ve been wondering what Pomélo Paradis would smell like. I kind of guessed that it would be cheerful and uplifting scent.
    Silver Iris is one of my favourites as well, though I need to be in right mood to wear this. It’s nothing like other iris fragrances; so sweet and so “clear”.

    • You’re very welcome Magpie 🙂 ; PP is uplifting and uncomplicated, and sometimes that what one needs. With regards to Silver Iris, I think with iris one always has to be in the mood, and what I like about this one is that it is a lot less moody, so easier to wear than some of the more sombre iris fragrances. I’m with you on clear, but don’t find it overly sweet, perhaps because it leaves out the powder.

  4. I like Atelier Cologne and follow all of their releases (though not all of them work for me). But your review made me wait for this new release anxiously: I like Jeeves & Wooster. And now I want to watch it again 🙂

    Silver Iris is nice, I wear it from time to time but I do not love it. Still, it’s a very pleasant perfume and I’m glad to have a decant in my collection (and I would have bought a 30 ml bottle had they released it).

    • BTW, why do you close comments on older posts? I just got to you great HdP reviews and realized that I couldn’t comment.

      • Oh, I think it’s standard setting, and I thought that people hardly ever care to reply to old posts anyway, but will go and change it for you 😉 And thank you 🙂

    • I wonder how you’ll like it then, I can’t at all predict whether this one will be for you 🙂 But isn’t it nice, as we are being flooded with new releases and brands, to still find some which makes you eagerly await them? Mind you, I’m not complaining, just saying 😉
      Great point about the 30ml bottles, and I think Silver Iris would look gorgeous too, and in a little personalised leather purse… Decants just aren’t quite the same, but will serve the purpose of course.

  5. Asali, although I’m unfamiliar with the fragrances, I love the way you personified them as Jeeves (the iris) and Wooster! I have only one Jeeves novel on my bookcase but need to read the rest, as I laugh every time I read it.

    What a sparkly and fun collage you created, too, which is also a wonderful representation for these scents. Nice!!!

    • Thank you, Suzanne. Actually Pomelo reminded me of how much you liked ‘Little Italy’, and they do have a sort of similar upbeat feel.
      Jeeves and Wooster are great for a pick-me-up too, I love all the silly words. What ho? And I think you’d love the series actually, you can check an episode out on youtube.

  6. I like the sound of that sunny disposish. 🙂
    And I must say after just taking a quick look at the title of your post, I wondered how did AC and SL end up in the same post only to realized that it’s not that Iris Silver. 🙂 Very close in name if not so much in smell by your description…

    • Hahaha, Ines, yes of course if someone would mix up the names, it had to be you 🙂 You know in this case I have absolutely no idea of how to tie Pomelo Paradis with Serge Iris silver mist, perhaps only if I were ever to write posts like; which two fragrances would be the furthers from each other ever! CKOne- MKK, Pomelo P- ISM, Sous le toit- Opium etc…

      • He,he,he, you know me and names. 😀

        Btw, that is not a bad idea for a post. You can even ask your readers – everyone does similar perfumes, why not do opposites?

  7. Seconding Tara in saying that that is a brilliant image you have done to illustrate the post – it very much appeals to my inner flittersniffer. Like Undina, Silver Iris I found pleasant but it didn’t move me, in the same way as Iris Prima doesn’t really. A sort of sprightly modernity maybe, that for me was somehow at odds with the essential character of the iris note. Then she sent me Ramon Monegal’s Impossible Iris which had more of an emotional impact, though I am blowed if I can say why. And it is also fruity as I recall, so not overtly deep and sophisticated in the way the rootier iris scents are. Yet it is shaping up to be one of my favourite iris scents to date.

    The other one I might give a miss because of my issues with grapefruit – though actually pink grapefruit is in possible crossover territory – and who wouldn’t be drawn by the olfactory equivalent of a sunny disposish! Loved the narrative spin on both these scents, regardless of my own tastes in the matter. 😉

    I recently left another comment on the IUNX post with no problems – how far back does the closing apply?

    • I changed the settings now, but I think it said three weeks??? Anyway, thanks a lot for the compliment, I’m glad that it appeals to your inner flittersniffer. Apart from an initial inspiration, I have no idea how the end result will end up. Sometimes I surprise myself at what comes out, as in sometimes whatever I do, it turns out cute :-/ That tends to make me a little annoyed, almost as if someone said ‘ you’re so sweet when you’re angry’.
      It’s so funny about Impossible Iris, evryone seems to love it. I really need to try it properly again, but it just didn’t do it for me the first time around- just not enough iris perhaps… I must give it another go…
      And as for Pomélo Paradis, it really isn’t very grapefruity. Think pink grapefruit and pomelo rather than yellow grapefruit.

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