Sport or No Sport- Cologne du Maghreb Tauer perfumes and No Sport by Parfumerie Moderne

It’s Wimbledon time! So what better subjects for today than Tauer’s Cologne and an essentially English ‘No Sport’ fragrance.

The fresh lawns, the yellow tennis balls, the athletes and the spectators, and of course; tradition. In opera, like in sports, you tend to get quite close with other people. I mean that literally; you’re sweating, you have coffee breath (at the least) and you’re wearing perfume. I have on occasion worn powerhouse perfumes, when I thought it appropriate for the role (or just appropriate for me, which perhaps was not really very nice), but a good cologne does comes in very handy.

When Ronaldo is not to be seen, is he in the photo? And how does it smell down there?

When Ronaldo is not to be seen, is he in the photo? And how does it smell down there?

5 opera singers on a PK22 chair

5 opera singers on a PK22 chair










Andy Tauer’s all natural Cologne du Maghreb is quite a perfect little cologne for this purpose. Tried and tested in action, it has kept me in a pleasant hesperidic aura for the whole duration of a performance, and the woody-labdanum base well beyond. Initially the cologne has a raspy edge, I’m thinking it’s the sage, but it only lasts a short while before it blends into the citric notes. A triumvirate of lemon, bergamot and neroli, is superbly blended into one silky bergarolimon with the bit of ‘green stem and petal’ that was casually left on the fruits. Then I get more herbs, but again beautifully intertwined, the lavender toned down, so it doesn’t cast purple shadows on this lawn green coloured fragrance. A flower or two hiding in the heart hold everything together and lead nicely into the base. The base on my skin is really quite woody, and perhaps the cedar, which takes on a slightly pencil shavings character, is the only thing that ‘betrays’ the fragrance as being a 100% natural one.

Where Maghreb comes in, in this Cologne I don’t know as it wears beautifully in the Scandinavian Midsummer nights. Sport or no sport, it’s really very suitable whatever you should choose.

Notes; lemon, bergamot, clary sage, rosemary, orange blossom, lavender, neroli, rose, atlas cedar, labdanum, vetiver and amber.

You don’t care for World Cups or Wimbledon, perhaps you should try the new release by Parfumerie Moderne called ‘No Sport’- I LOVE that name, it has humor and says exactly what it is. It’s an easily wearable fragrance, perhaps more masculine but at least unisex or ‘boyfriendy’.

the tennis party Mary Hayllar

the tennis party Mary Hayllar

It does feel like the wearer does not intend to do sport any time soon, it smells like the equivalent of a man smoking a pipe in an armchair in a ‘Gentlemen’s Club’- somewhere in Old England, perhaps after having watched a game of a very gentlemanly outdoorsy sport. It’s about slightly dusty greens; galbanum, hay and vetiver, almost more about green tweed than open air-green, it’s about old-fashioned comfy-cosy perhaps talking about taking a stroll in the park, rather than actually engaging in it.

It’s a very pleasant fragrance – with a tongue-in-cheek stiff upper lip, and it wears lighter than the notes might suggest. I don’t know that I’d give it a lot of wear, but it would smell very snug on a man.

Notes; galbanum, patchouli, vetiver, rose, geranium, hay, almond and tobacco


*The Cologne du Maghreb sample was given to me by Andy Tauer, and No Sport by a friendly Perfumista. Thank you both.

* For reviews of Tauer’s Cologne du Maghreb see Bonkers,The Non Blonde, CaFleureBon, Chemist in the bottleKafkaesque



18 thoughts on “Sport or No Sport- Cologne du Maghreb Tauer perfumes and No Sport by Parfumerie Moderne

  1. I haven’t tried No Sport but I really enjoy Cologne du Maghreb

    • Me too Lucas, I especially like to wear Cologne under another fragrance, as a base layer so to speak :-). I think you might actually enjoy No Sport, it’s very wearable.

  2. This was a very enjoyable pairing of reviews, Asali and perfect for this time of year I haven’t tried it yet but I bet The Soft Lawn by Imaginary Authors would make a good third.

    “No Sport” is a fun name and you’ve described it so well being more green tweed than open-air green.

    Do you really get that “up close and personal” while performing opera?

    • I will immediately look up The Soft Lawn, as I never heard of it, I like that name a lot. It just sort of happened that I started writing about the cologne, felt that it was rather a sporty and lovely summer scent, and I remembered that I wanted to write about No Sport too. And yes, we do get really close, and with the lights and all it can get pretty sweaty…(it’s me in white :-))

      • That’s you in the pic?! Oh my goodness, I see what you mean. Although I’m guessing that’s not a regular occurrance 🙂

        Yes, I love the name The Soft Lawn. It does sound like the name of book, like The Camomile Lawn, I guess.

        • Ha, no I suppose not, but it happens often enough 🙂

  3. Asali, I love your descriptions of both of these perfumes and got a wonderful chuckle out of reading about “No Sport.” Of the two, I think “No Sport” is the one I’d gravitate to, even though I’m about to head out for a 5-mile run in hot, humid weather. 😀 I adore “gentleman’s club” scents, and you make this one sound particularly fetching when you say, “It’s about slightly dusty greens; galbanum, hay and vetiver, almost more about green tweed than open air-green, it’s about old-fashioned comfy-cosy perhaps talking about taking a stroll in the park, rather than actually engaging in it.” Great description, feel like I can smell it!

    • Thanks Suzanne, I think Cologne would be nice for a run in hot humid weather actually, really invigorating, although knowing how much you love a good hay frag, actually maybe No Sport is just your thing… I am glad that the description is a good scentscape-match for you 🙂

  4. Interesting, I never thought of opera singers – or dancers for that matter – sweating, but I guess you do exert yourself a lot while performing. And the new Tauer cologne would just hit the spot under the hot stage lights. I agree that the herbal facet is well under control after the very first moments, and was also pleased that the lavender in particular was well behaved. Loving ‘bergarolimon’!

    That No Sport sounds most amusing, and very much in keeping with my own MO. I frequently talk about going jogging, for example, and have been known to lay sheets of Pilates exercises on the floor next to me while watching TV and eating a Crunchie bar.

    • Dancers can sweat litres, incredible. I am glad that you felt the same about the herbal aspects of the cologne. I do like lavender, it’s just that it so easily overshadows everything else, and then it feels like the lavender is wearing you. Which is not at all an issue here.
      Oh you had me laughing out loud at the thought of you laying out Pilates exercises while watching TV and eating crunchy bars… I know that ‘I ought to’ feeling only too well, and it’s no good, you have to do it when you’re in the mood.

      • I laughed at that one too. Too brilliantly funny.

  5. Do you think it works in baking hot Spain? I love the name “No Sport”; there are quite a few people I want to suggest this fragrance to. 😉 “Slightly dusty greens” – that description really got me interested in this one.

    • In as far as anything works in the heat of Spanish summer, yes try Tauer’s cologne 🙂 enjoy your time there.

  6. I just heard about Parfumerie Moderne and No Sport, and I agree that name is so cute! The leather in that line sounds very interesting, too. Have you smelled the whole line? And are the bottles as pretty as they look in the pictures? Spill, please! (Well, not literally.)

    • I haven’t seen the bottles, as I just have samples, so I can’t enlighten you on that point, I did try all three though. Very funny, I just tested No Sport on a friend with the complete opposite skin chemistry to mine, and the rose-geranium was really quite obvious, which it wasn’t on my skin (or on the strip) at all…So more dandyesque you might say. I wrote about the Desarmant in the lilac post and the leather one Cuir X is rather nice too, ( from memory, because I don’t want to look for the sample just now ;-)) the inside of an exclusive suede bag, not dissimilar in style to Cuir de Lancome with its saffron note. It’s softer than CdL though. A soli-leather.

  7. Cologne du Maghreb was nice but, as most all-natural perfumes on my skin a short-lived – which was really surprising since most others Tauer’s perfumes wear me and not the other way around. As to the No Sport – love the name! I’ll have to get to try it. And those pictures you used to illustrate are just perfect.

    • I’m happy that you like the pictures 🙂 The Tauer wears quite well on me, I’d say normal for a cologne, but of course it isn’t to be compared with any of his powerhouses.

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