Soul of a Rose- a Promo for San Francisco Rose April Aromatics



I don’t promote new fragrances, but the circumstances demand that I make an exception.

San Francisco Rose, a perfume with a heart of natural rose absolutes, reminds me of the stunning Berlioz song ‘La Spectre de la Rose’, that I would recommend as a soundtrack for reading.


I cannot imagine what it must be like being told that I was terminally ill, and would have only a very limited time left of my life. I’m not sure that anyone can understand what a person who gets such a verdict feels like. When Tama Blough, managing editor at CaFleureBon, where I used to write myself, got diagnosed, the wonderful women Tanja of April Aromatics and editor in chief at CFB  Michelyn Camen, decided to do a perfume for Tama, to raise funds to help her financially through the journey.

Unfortunately, I can’t actually make this a real review, since Tanja tweaked the formula a bit since I got my sample, but I will tell you a tiny bit of what I smell anyway. And be warned, this is not totally unbiased, and I do think that anyone who loves roses, and like them adult and with charisma, and who feels that 111€ (less than usual for Tanja’s perfumes, because it will only be sold through her website,) will not present a big hole in their budget, I will highly recommend to buy this 100% natural, limited edition perfume.

This is a rose perfume, with two wonderful roses, Bulgarian and Turkish, as its heart and soul. Even if I am not usually a rose person, and most roses do not sit well with me, these are special and truly beautiful. There is no feeling of cute candy floss or the sourdough that my weird rose-rejecting skin can get, just a deep red splendid rose. Underneath there is an exquisite murmur of patchouli and oud to keep it sober and intelligent. Yes, rose-oud is a somewhat popular combination these days, but this is a rose fragrance, neither oud nor patch is overpowering but just there, so even if I can have my troubles with hippy patch, here it’s no such thing here, just brainy and plain gorgeous. Tonka bean and sandalwood gives the dry-down a touch of earthy sweetness, while orris and hibiscus seeds just tie everything into one beautiful rounded composition. Tanja has since added a tiny bit of incense, which I can only imagine would make this composition even more beautiful and longer lasting, although as always I have no problems with the lasting power of April Aromatic’s perfumes, which will never give less than 6 hours. San Francisco Rose has a beautiful sillage, unlike most 100% naturals, a proper trail, which I am sure will have many people asking about and complimenting your fragrance.san_francisco_rose_le_002

I just want to end this little ‘promo’ by saying, that even if I can’t imagine what Tama or anyone else in a similar situation is going through, knowing that there was a perfumer out there who was willing to give her time to create a fragrance for me, would mean a lot to me. This is our hobby, many perfumers I’m sure are nice, but few regard our love of perfume as anything special. In fact perfumers are rather quick to say that ‘we’ don’t make up much of their retail. However, I believe that nothing would give me comfort as knowing that I had friends out there not only who made a special perfume for me, but also unknown ‘friends’ who after I was gone would spray San Francisco Rose. And perhaps that every time a little cloud of roses would leave the bottle, there would be something of me lasting a bit longer in this world.

A 100% of the profits will go to Tama, and this is a limited edition. So if you love your roses adult and incredibly beautiful; buy now.


14 thoughts on “Soul of a Rose- a Promo for San Francisco Rose April Aromatics

  1. What a beautiful and loving gesture Jasia to share our project with your readers. The review captured the soul of the perfume and all the love Tanja composed in a Rose like no other. Thank you dear one from my heart. Cancer can take away so much but it cannot take away love

    • How true, Michelyn. As soon as I heard of it, I knew I wanted to do what ever I could. SFR is truly a gorgeous perfume, very worthy of Tama.

  2. Never has a “promo” been so touching. Beautifully written plus a beautiful illustration of the two roses. It’s actions like these that make you realise what a special community this is. You’re right though, not all perfumers see us in this light. It means a lot.

    Tama’s situation has really affected me because I’ve seen her around for os long and she is quite simply, one of us. If people can’t buy the perfume then I hope it’s okay if I do a little promo of my own for the fundraiser launched to help Tama spend the rest of her time in her own home.

    • Oh, absolutely, Tara, thanks for the reminder of the fundraiser. You’re right, it’s a special community like that. It was literally just going to be a short promotion, but then I did have more to say, if it touches you all the better.
      I do admire people, like Tama, who can write blog posts several times a week or even daily, I have no idea how they manage. But when perfume is such an integral part of who you are, it just feels right to also be honoured with a perfume.

  3. So many people in the perfume land who have known Tama, whether in person or only through her writings, are sending her love and prayers. This is a beautiful ‘promo’, Asali. Over the years, through perfumes, I’ve got to know truly lovely people. It really is a wonderful community.

    • Love and prayers to our fellow perfumista.

      I absolutely agree, perfume people are in general a compassionate and lovely bunch.

  4. Thank you for doing such a promo.
    It is worth spreading the word and I think many people would be willing to spend money on such a good cause.

    • Dear Ines, that was exactly what I wanted to do, spread the word- in a way give everyone who might like to, a chance to buy the perfume. As Tara mentions, there’s also the option of donation without having to spend a lot on a perfume, but if ones likes scents like the one I described, it’s definitely a win-win situation.

  5. Wow. This says so much about Tanja — an amazing perfumer, and someone who is incredibly soulful and generous. It also says so much about out perfume community. Thanks for the post, Asali (and thanks, too, Tara for letting us know about the fundraiser). Here’s wishing every comfort for Tama.

    • Exactly, Tanja really is generous and lovely, and it shows not only in this gesture, but also in her work I find.

  6. I was very moved both by Tanja’s generous gesture and your own touching post about the sad circumstances behind the fundraiser. It must be unbelievably tough for Tama to have to come to terms with her illness, but I hope she is able to take some solace from the outpouring of good will, money and a perfume dedicated to her.

    • I hope so too, and I hope she gets enough funding as to go through it all without financial worries.

  7. Thank you, Asali, this was lovely. I have been incredibly touched by the outpouring of love, and I can’t wait to smell “my” perfume! It’s on the way to me.

    • Dear Tama, I had no idea if you even felt like taking any perfume related things in, but I am so glad that you do, so you can know how special you are, and how important your writings are to us all. I should have thought of the fact, that you might not have tested YOUR perfume yet, but it didn’t occur to me, sorry. I’m sure you’ll love it. I wish you strength and love <3

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