Sing me O Muse… Tempted Muse April Aromatics (New Release)

Sweeter than roses, or cool evening breeze*

On a warm flowery shore, was the dear kiss,

First trembling made me freeze,

Then shot like fire all o’er.

What magic has victorious love!

For all I touch or see since that dear kiss,

I hourly prove, all is love to me.

  • Anon

So what is sweeter than roses, sweeter than the evening breeze on a warm flowery shore? Apart from love’s first kiss, I’d say it’s Tempted Muse. But, but, I am moving ahead of myself and need to start at the beginning.

About a year ago Tanja Bochnig of April Aromatics was working on mods of two different fragrances**that she was interested in hearing my opinion on. Amongst the several samples she send,  she for some reason included one that had nothing to do with anything else simply named XX#1.

I LOVED what I smelled. Warm, sunny, embracing, golden, nectar of the Gods, a tempted muse in a grove steals a kiss from Apollon’s lips.

So I wrote back along the lines of; I like version blah and version blah for this and that reason BUT WHAT IS XX#1 – WHEN WILL YOU RELEASE IT? Tanja likes to hear people’s opinions, but as far as I’m aware, in the end she always sticks to her own (as so she should). But I was not going to give up. Basically every single correspondence we’ve had over the last year has more or less included a hint or a plea to consider releasing it into her 002k

And finally the Goddess heard me, and the fragrance ended up as Tempted Muse. Although in this case I was not the muse even if I’m sure I was somewhat more than a tempter.

If you take a good sniff right upon the very first spray, you smell the unmistakable spark of a pink grapefruit, a sprightly not tart smell, and it melds with a feeling of a basket full of fresh, ripe fruits. There is no particular fruit note sticking out, but the colour that I perceive is the warm yellow/orange of ripe peaches and apricots.

White flowers of frangipani, jasmine, ylang-ylang and tuberose enter light-footed as a dance of the muses, each of them bringing a special gift to the fragrance. You would think it could be truly narcotic, but it isn’t, as in a circular dance you simply can’t tell where one starts and another one begins, always intertwined. I smell waxiness from the petals, evoking bees and honey, and the whole composition makes me think of nectar, like dew drops in the early morning. In the dry down, there’s vanilla and tonka bean and sandalwood, but again they are not individualists, but united; there to add to that golden colour spectrum of the overall feel.

Although the perfume is sweet, it’s not sugary; but juicy and nectarish. And every note is tied to another in an intricate pattern, to give off a unique luxuriant simplicity.

A fruity floriental, or perhaps a flirt with twisting and stretching the genres. To me it doesn’t matter; Tempted Muse is sensual yet innocent like the muses of Rafaello’s Parnassus; soft and graceful, the skin of peaches and smiles of angels, and yet, daring enough to be tempted into to stealing that first ambrosial kiss.

Rafaello - The Parnassus

Raphael – The Parnassus


* Can you imagine having written something as beautiful, and then be anonymous? Fortunately Purcell has set it to music that it might not be lost but love to all. Here it is in a stunning version sung by Kathleen Battle live from 1990. (Just think! If that was Samsara, it would be called vintage :-/)

**A citrus and a spring fragrance if I remember correctly. One became Ray of Light

Tempted Muse can be bought from April Aromatics, and will also be released soon as part of the PLP-project with three differentfragrances 7.5 ml each.

For another review of Tempted Muse by April Aromatics; cafleurebon

Main and bottle picture by me. Rafaello Sanzio will need no further introduction.

17 thoughts on “Sing me O Muse… Tempted Muse April Aromatics (New Release)

  1. Well, so far I haven’t had the best experiences with the April Aromatics that I own and have tried, but you make this sound absolutely yummy. This makes me want to try it, but I think I would hesitate to buy a sample. I would love to find an April Aromatics fragrance that I love though, as Tanja seems like such a lovely person. Thanks for this lovely review, and the artwork is stellar!

    • Thank you Sun Mi, well, this one is very different from Tanja’s other fragrances so I hope you’ll like it when you get to try it. I don’t know which notes are usually problematic for you, but it doesn’t hold any of the typical ‘natural’ suspects such as patch or incense. Also only woody note is sandalwood, so no fear of ‘saw dust’ either… And tanja is indeed absolutely lovely.

  2. What a lovely story, Asali! I also LOVE your artwork!
    Tempted Muse sounds like a must try for me; frangipani is in it. I adore the smell of the flowers as well as the elegant look of the tree. I need to look out for PLP project.

    • Thank you so much Magpie. I felt the occasion called for more than my usual self-imposed time-limited illustrations, so I’m glad for the responses 🙂 I’ve never seen the frangipani tree, now I really want to. And this is such an easy fragrance to love I find, and I’m not even a huge BWF or a fruit fan, but this one manages to be so many other things, and yet perfectly simple. I don’t know much about the PLP -project (which was why I didn’t link), I think Tanja’s part in it is launched mid february, so keep a look out.

      • I love so many different kinds of fragrances but always drawn to florals. I’m not a huge fan of all natural fragrances, but this one, I have a sneaky suspicion that I would love. 🙂

        • Well, obviously I can’t imagine anyone not loving it 😀

  3. You do make this sound extremely tempting. I’m glad you didn’t let Tanja forget about it. The idea of nectar, like early morning dew drops, is very appealing. Beautiful name too.

    Great illustrations. For some reason I always particuarly like your bottle drawings.

    • I’m glad that she finally heard me, you know I was close to giving up, even if then I would have asked for Tanja just to make me some 🙂 It’s a very happy and soothing fragrance.
      Thank you and I do understand; the bottle drawings have a nice clean line about them I think. Less flimsy 🙂

  4. Despite the beautiful review and my warm feelings towards the brand, I don’t think this one will work for me: both apricot and tuberose are notes that are absolutely hideous on my skin. But I’m glad that this perfume has been released: I can imagine how much you would have been disappointed otherwise.

    As always, I like your illustrations, especially the one with muses.

    • Dear Undina, in that case I am sorry for not having been quite clear enough 🙂 There’s no apricot (or peach) scent, actually the fruit accord is quite abstract, as it would be since it can’t really be made from fruit, or the fruits used in natural perfume would not bring that fruit to mind. Just my feeling is of those colours if that makes sense, rather than for instance reddish (red berries)green( apple, pear) or blue colours (plum), something sunny but not citrus fruit apart from the opening pink grape… Also, although I’m getting better I wouldn’t say I’m a great fan of tuberose, and I would probably not have smelled it here had I not already known, so despite your reservations, I’d say if you like AA in general, it’s definitely worth giving Tempted Muse a sniff, since I don’t think you’ll have the problems that you fear. I’d say frangipani is the most prominent flower in the composition.
      Thanks for making me aware that it wasn’t clear, and thanks for the compliment.

  5. Wonderful review! You temptress! 😉

    You are right though, who wrote those lovely verses and then decided not to sign their name underneath… Honestly, some people are just strange. 🙂 😉

    • haha, glad you think it a loevly poem too.
      Thank you Ines, you have of course already tried it back in the summer when the release was still a vague hope 🙂 In fact, your instant expression of delight was what absolutely convinced me, that I had to press on 😉

  6. I’m going to echo what Ines said – “You temptress!” – because you told me about this one and made it sound quite good then, and now this!!

    I love anything that smacks of nectar, honey, florals … and April Aromatics (as you know!). 😉

    • Hehe, yes this one has got your name all over it, although I do fear that after all I have said and done, you might be disappointed :-/ Oh dear, I hope not.

  7. Good for you for badgering Tanja not to keep this perfume’s light – or abstract fruity bouquet, rather! – under a bushel. I love those scents that teeter between innocence and sensuality, and am not afraid of the tuberose if it is well blended with everything else. Juicy and nectarish are qualities that make my ears prick up, so I will look out for this the next time I am in KaDeWe.

    • HAHA! (Triumphant!) I succeeded in writing about something, that didn’t make you talk of evil scent twins 😀
      Seriously, one of the reasons for me to want Tanja to bring out Tempted Muse, was because it has that thing of being both special and entirely its own as well as being able to enchant a lot of people I imagine.

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