Scented Summer Shenanigans- Guerlain La Cologne du Parfumeur, Aroma Allegoria Vitalisant, Shiseido Relaxing Fragrance



The Harbour of Copenhagen, view from langebro bridge

We have enjoyed the most amazing summer weather here in Copenhagen. It’s safe to say, that I don’t remember it ever having been so consistently beautiful. So writing about perfume has come in second, and being outside enjoying the Danish summer won. It also seems the fragrance flies of my skin in these temperatures, of course that’s just an excellent excuse for spraying lavishly.

Here are a few photos from Copenhagen over the last weeks, as well as a sort of scent diary, and I apologise for the quality of the pics as they are taken with camera phone.


Park in central Copenhagen

Park in central Copenhagen


So what have I been wearing; to the nearby Amager beach (no photos, sorry), predictably, it has been Terracotta and Lys Soleia. A bit of tropical inspiration to make the environment even more enticing, adding imaginary palms and coconuts.





I have enjoyed the life out of my Cologne du Maghreb sample and have also been dozing myself in Guerlain’s La Cologne du Parfumeur. A classic cologne which to me feels like a cooling veil. The notes are all typical cologne; citruses, amalfi lemon, african orange flower, mint, rosemary and lavender.

Bumblebees and lavender, does it get more summery?

Bumblebees and lavender, does it get more summery?

But the orange flower is quite sweet and smooths out the hesperidic notes, to make LCdP a mellow kind of cologne with only the slightest whiff of lavender and rosemary, just enough to make you think of freshly ironed, crisp, white shirts. It all comes together to something that smells almost a bit nutty and perhaps a tiny bit musky in the end. A refreshing but intimate smell of summer.


View from the Opera at Holmen over Amalienborg Palace and Marmor Kirken ( Frederiks Church)

I also had to go and dig out an old favourite. Had I not once loved it so dearly, I’m not sure if I’d really tolerate it today, perhaps it has just the tiniest bit too much laundry musk, but there’s no denying that (the now discontinued) Relaxing Fragrance by Shiseido (1997) has something going for it in the summer heat. The notes are artemisia, tea rose, cassia, raspberry, cucumber and bamboo, peony, gardenia and cardamom. I’d say it’s green, sheer and watery. A minimalistic Spa-pampering-feel-good fragrance.



DSC_0216Another discontinued summer favourite has been Guerlain Aroma Allegoria Vitalisant. The notes are, citruses, bergamot, green notes, tea, jasmine, peach, saffron and woodsy notes. What you see is what you get, a really gorgeous blend, starting out with an ensemble of citrus notes, followed by a feeling of a green jasmine ice tea added a touch of peach, and floating above the composition is a glorious saffron note which instills sunbeams and warm happiness. Truly sunshine in a bottle.

A peek through a side gate into Kongens Have (the kings garden, a public park) and Rosenborg Palace.

A peek through a side gate into Kongens Have (the kings garden, a public park) and Rosenborg Palace.

The old Stock Exchange seen from the water

The old Stock Exchange seen from the water



Also working its wonders has been a vintage bottle of Diorissimo EdT- which at some point deserves a post of its own, and then I have been wearing the new version of Carven’s Ma Griffe. I’ll be writing more about that shortly.


Summer and sunshiny greetings from me to you.

Highsummer sunset. View from my window at 23.00 (11pm)

Highsummer sunset. View from my window at 23.00 (11pm)

10 thoughts on “Scented Summer Shenanigans- Guerlain La Cologne du Parfumeur, Aroma Allegoria Vitalisant, Shiseido Relaxing Fragrance

  1. Beautiful pictures! It looks like your summer is perfect. I can’t complain about our weather this summer as well (though this weekend promises to be hot) but I’m too busy and distracted to fully enjoy it. Since I spend most of my time in heavily AC’d office, my perfumes aren’t too “summery”. I stay away from really heavy ambers and such but everything else is a fair game – so I keep my pattern of wearing something different almost every day.

    • Thank you Undina, so glad you like them. I’m sorry to hear that you’re too busy to enjoy summer, I hope you’ll get some deserved holiday soon 🙂 We don’t really ‘do’ AC here, because it’s rarely necessary, but I can see how at least you can actually wear any perfume you like.

  2. OMG! These pictures are amazing! 🙂
    I am so happy to hear for a change you are having the best possible summer weather (we’re not though). 😉
    I really look forward to seeing it all soon.

    • Thank you Ines, great you like it, since you’ll be seeing it soon. Hope summer lasts, even if it’s fickle, For now there are no sign of it going away. 😀

  3. Fabulous! Thanks so much for posting these wonderful. pics. Some great views there.

    Aqua Allegoria Vitalisant sounds truly wonderful. I haven’t heard of it before and am sad to hear it’s discontinued.

    I’m wearing Colonge du 68 from Guerlain, thanks to Sandra, today and I’m really enjoying it. Is that different to Cologne du Parfumeur? Must find out more.

    We are also having a hot summer which I am enjoying because we haven’t had a proper prolonged summer for so long and it really lifts my mood.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the pics, Tara 🙂
      I truly like all three aroma allegorias very much, and Vitalisant is wonderful for summer. I like Cologne du 68 very much too, and I’d say it’s just more of a ‘real’ perfume compared to Cologne du Parfumeur. So lCdP is more refreshing, more of a cologne in some aspects.
      I’m so glad to hear you have a great summer too, it is such a mood lifter and gives you some resilience for the dark and cold months ahead. We never have these very longs stretches of summer, so this is highly unusual. I’m enjoying every little bit of it 🙂

  4. Fantastic photos, and no need to apologise for them being from your phone! I have been to Copenhagen in the summer, but only on flying visits, so your virtual tour is an enticing reminder of the city’s charms…;)

    So pleased to hear you mention Cologne du Parfumeur, which I tried in Birgit Heaven in Belgium, absolutely loved and promptly forgot about. I would agree that it isn’t like No 68 – more light and refreshing – very lovely.

    • I hope the charms will make you contemplate a ‘real’ visit 😉
      And great to hear that you really enjoyed CdP too, whenever I spray people with it they love it, it’s an easy fragrance to love I find, and it layers so well, if you want to add a more perfumy perfume on your wrists for example.

  5. Asali, I love this kind of post – seeing the sights of someone else’s city! Your photo of the park in central Copenhagen is really good and reminds me of a Seurat painting.

    I hope Ines and you have continued good summer weather for her visit. Our weather in Pennsylvania has been the worst this summer: gray and rainy like a long-running tropical depression (and a breeding ground for mosquitoes). But for now I’m in beautiful weather at the seashore in New Jersey. Wish I could steal this sunshine and sea breeze and take it home with me.

    • Thank you Suzanne, hopefully one day you’ll see it for yourself, however I find Copenhagen to be the most stunning city in bright weather, and just not as much fun when it’s grey and rainy, but then I suppose you can say that about most places:-)
      It really seems like this year has been a turn around on the weather front. Croatia, Ines says, has not yet had proper summer, in France it has been awful too, but Scandinavia and the UK has had the most amazing summer weather. Long-running tropical-depression does not sound good.

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