Welcome to my blog The Sounds of Scent.

Raised in Copenhagen, I trained to be an opera singer in Germany and lived for some years in London before going back to my native country. Due to an allergy to some extend affecting my sense of smell and Denmark lacking behind on all things fragrant, I only truly discovered the fabulous world of fragrance abroad aged 20 at the hands of a wonderful friend (and a doctor who helped with the allergies), and have never looked back since. I find that perfume inspire me to be creative in writing, which I enjoy, and that is what this blog is about; enjoying blogging and writing about perfume. I love the fine arts, sharing my thoughts on fragrance and I believe that all great perfumes have a soundtrack.

After having been a avid reader of fragrance blogs for years, my very first perfumed scribbles came over at my dear friend Ines’ All I am A redhead blog, and I was happy to be a contributor at publisher and editor in chief, Michelyn Camen’s Ca Fleure Bon for a couple of years. Now, many, many perfumes later and experiences gained,  I want to add my own voice to the blogger chorus, feeling that there can never be too much of a good thing.


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  1. It’s great you are adding your voice to the blogger chorus! 🙂

    It’s going to be so much fun exploring perfumes through your nose.

  2. Hi Asali, congratulations on your new space, and there is certainly plenty of room for perfume voices such as yours. Drop me an email when you can. Jeffrey

    • Thank you so much Jeffrey, it means a lot. I just Pm’ed you, and will of course sort out a contact address very soon. But thanks for making me aware.

  3. Hallo, Asali,
    Congratulations on your own virtual place in the fume-net Universe!
    I am looking forward to reading a fresh and different point of view from you over the fragrance abyss!
    May your blog path run smooth and shiny!

    • I hope I can live up to the fresh and different, at least I probably can’t run away from being me, anyway, and then I’ll see where that takes me 🙂 Thank you so much for taking time to comment and for your beautiful wishes.

  4. Your writings awaken the senses, all of them! I’m so happy to be able to follow them now on your own blog. Congrats and happy sniffing! xxx

  5. Your writings awaken the senses, all of them! I’m so happy to be able to follow them now on your own blog. Congrats and happy sniffing! xxx

    • Thank you dear Trine, dejligt at du er her og med på rejsen. <3

  6. It’s a real pleasure for me discovering this new blog. Nice articles, and an original point of view.

    • Thank you so much Andre, I admire you own blog and your dedicating to sorting out batch codes, and thus making our all lives a lot easier.

    • Thank you SO much, I feel honoured 🙂 I’ll read all about it. And congratulations to you too for the nomination. <3

    • Oh, and I just realised how very timely this comes, as I believe my one year anniversary is coming up. I didn’t intend to have a special post on this occation but now I might do 🙂

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