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I’ve been feeling autumnal. I suppose that’s what’s to be expected when outside it is windy and rainy, the daylight has decreased noticeably, and the leaves fall and the chestnuts too.DSC02493

Nothing to bring indulgence then like the right perfume. I was lucky to win a sample of Fiore di Bellagio over at Ca Fleure Bon, and having been on a major clove/ carnation hunt of late, starting off with a mystery vintage sample (identity still to be determined- more about that another time) and of course my new sexy friend Clove Absolute, I was eager to test this new perfume.

Fiore di Bellagio is inspired by Caron’s Bellodgia, and Shelly Waddington’s love of the 1920’s and vintage perfume formulas, so please listen to the perfect autumnal, retro * scenttrack  ‘ Das Lied ist aus’-( ‘The Song is Over’) here while reading.



The sample arrived prompt, already making you feel the excitement of the perfumer to get her perfume out and worn. And worn it has been. Fiore di Bellagio reminds me of burgundy velvet and candlelight chandeliers. From the beginning the citrus notes are soft and sparkle like the crystal prisms catching the light from the candles throwing it back with a soft focus, and they blend with a berry-waxiness of aldehydes, like red lipstick marks on wineglasses. I catch a whiff of old-fashioned violet soap, but it instantly blends with a skin-like muskiness, making sure it isn’t perceives as clean but only as sensuous, like being one step closer than usual to someone, taking in their scent.

From here, there’s a treasure trove of beautiful flowers adding up to a golden nectarish heart rather than that of a traditional floral bouquet. I actually never get that full on carnation, but I never miss it and the fragile spiciness of the flowers most likely stems from it. The orris root makes for a round and at times downy slightly powder puffy feel, but always balanced by the earthier aspects of the iris as well as resins and moss.

Now and again I get that little naughty tickle of civet reaching my nostrils, which gives this perfume just that decadence it sets out to achieve. I love the opulence as much as the grounding in Fiore di Bellogia, I believe the deep base ending in the maroon spectrum of colours is what allows the heart of FdB to shine without blinding, and also makes it mysterious and deep.

It is a really gorgeous and warm hearted fragrance, a truly beautiful vintage inspired fragrance, which manages to stay retro modern, if this is a trend; BRING IT ON!

The velvet curtains have been drawn- the song is over.



For reviews of Fiore di Bellagio En Voyage perfumes see Indie Perfumes and CFB.

*A voice like velvet in a 1920’s style: Jonas Kaufmann sings a very velvety and sultry ‘Frag nicht warum ich gehe’- ‘das Lied ist aus’ ( Don’t ask me why I am leaving- The song is over -1931) by Robert Stolz. I bought the new CD ( don’t ask me why? ;-)) all rights belong to sony classical. And if you wondered, I couldn’t make the picture for that smaller, or move it.

Top Notes: Italian Lemon and Citrus, Green Leaves, Ylang Ylang

Heart Notes: Spicy Carnation; Gardenia absolute, Jasmin absolute, Bulgarian Rose Otto, Muguet, Violet, Bois de Rose

Base Notes: Dark Vanilla, Antique Sandalwood, Iris Florentine (Orris absolute), Costus Oil, Vintage Resins, Civet and Musks

13 thoughts on “Retro Beauty- Fiore di Bellagio- EnVoyage perfumes

  1. Ooooh! I am inwardly hopping from foot to foot with excitement reading this. I have only just got round to the Souvenir de Chocolat collection so need to catch up. This sounds heavenly from the iris to the nectar heart to the touch of civet. I LOVE retro modern.

    I really like the combination of ink and watercolour (is that right?) in your illustration and the red lipstick on the wineglasses really puts across the waxy aldehydes brilliantly.

    • You love reto-modern too, yay! There’s so much going on here, it’s truly an exciting fragrance. Now I want to test those chocolate-things too (Tara-lemming), I have truly only tested very few of the EnVoyage line, it’s that whole tax thing with things from the US making it complicated.
      Funny how it works, having not felt up to writing for days, this just wrote itself, I’m sure you know the feeling 🙂 And yes, the picture is watercolour and ink, that seems to be what I like doing at the moment, who knows what’s next.

    • Thank you for the kind words Michelyn, don’t know why I kept getting that server failure, will insert the link now 🙂

  2. Jasia, as Tara noted, I love your description of those waxy aldehydes being like red lipstick marks on a wineglass. Between the music (wow, his voice has a wonderful burnished quality to it without being too deep – and what a gorgeous song!), your lovely illustration and photo of the teapot and candle and leaves, I almost feel like I’m in Copenhagen getting a whiff of your sillage. Mmmm!

    • How I wish you were. Hopefully one day you’ll want to visit Scandinavia again. I was thinking of you several times during the writing of this post, I thought you might like this little song and I could imagine the perfume speaking to you too, I’d love to hear what your associations would be.
      A burnished quality is the perfect description…

  3. I was one of your competitors for this sample, but now I can see the right person won it! I love the description “burgandy velvet and candlelit chandeliers”. Along with the beautiful music, what a picture that paints. And speaking of pictures, I love watercolors, and I love your painting of Shelley’s lovely bottle. Thanks for a wonderful interlude reading and enjoying this review. I now am even more eager to try this one.

    • Hi Cynthia, thank you so much for reading 🙂 I’m happy that the pictures and music speak to you, and I hope you get to try FdB soon. I truly feel that the quality of ingredients makes for a perfume that makes me associate all these things. And then the beautiful blend where nothing sticks out, but just keeps evolving…

  4. What a hauntingly beautiful review. And I never thought I’d find myself saying this, but I am pricking up my ears at the mention of the ‘naughty tickle of civet’. 🙂 I find myself increasingly drawn to this old school style of perfume – Tralala, Sarah McCartney’s Tart’s Knicker Drawer(!), etc. I think I need to try this, but initially discounted it because I am not keen on carnation – sounds like it is more of a faint echo in the overall composition. Yes, definitely most curious now!

    • Vanessa, thank you so much 🙂 I would be curious to hear if you get much carnation, I really don’t. I only tested it on skin, because I didn’t want to share with the mouillette 😉 so perhaps this note will come up more on others? Yes, I’m definitely all for old school perfumery, and just glad to hear that you are too (including the civet).

  5. Beautiful review. Jasia. I was in doubt if I should order Fiore but after Reading your review I ordered it without hesitation. Do you own a FB ? If not, Shelley has a sale till tomorrow with FFF which is THE code as Well.

    Ps I did not get carnation either and am old school classic perfumery as Well as you might have guessed

    • No pressure then :-/ I don’t have a FB yet, but I will at some point. You know what it’s like we can’t buy everything we love – immediately that is 😉

  6. Yes, I know, sometimes we have to wait and be a bit more patient. Which can be good as our taste can change as Well 🙂

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