Night in the Spanish Garden-ias – Nuit Andalouse Parfums MDCI

Parfums MDCI has long been a favourite house of mine. There’s attention to detail, and their perfumes turn fragrant notes into harmonies, melodies into symphonies.

I think that Claude Marchal, the brand owner, might harbour a great love of white florals, at least I can count a lot of fragrances from that genre in his out-put. If you’re looking for the best peachy tuberose; Péché Cardinale is the one – for tuberose lovers as well as tube-neuroses. Or the stunning  Enlèvement au Sérail, which has now been discontinued. Promesse de l’Aube is another refined jasmine, ylang-ylang fragrance, a personal favourite, for its perfect elegance and vibrancy. In the newest release we go from Promesse’s dawn to the Spanish night with Nuit Andalouse.

gardenia pic mine

Nuit Andalouse has a tiny dose of green and violet, and a fruity note on top of what from the very start can be perceived as a white floral bouquet. The opening notes give the fragrance a subtle development as the juiciness takes it from top notes into the heart. It slowly amps up on the white floral part- is it tuberose? Jasmine? Ylang-ylang? Tiara? It could be, until an incredibly subtle mushroomy note tells you with certainty that it is gardenia. It is so smooth and vivid and only just enough dirrty to make you take notice. The balanced sweetness from the orange flower, I believe, makes for the white flower masquerade. The almost desert-like taste of the dry down, stays on the very grow-up, albeit highly addictive, side. The gardenia in Nuit Andalouse is a night flower. It unfolds as dusk arrives, it lures you in with its scent like a siren-song, and the colour of its petals will glow phosphorescent in the dark.

Perfumer Cecile Zarokian’s working name for this fragrance was simply ‘Gardenia’, but I can see why it should be called after a southern Spanish night. One can hear the cicada singing, feel the dry air in a warm summer darkness that surrounds the wearer. And yet, in the middle of this Spanish midsummer night’s dream, Nuit Andalouse bears an unmistakably French signature as an elegant white floral perfume.


Tamara Rojo Thomas Whitehead Royal Ballet Carmen

*I could probably bore you a long while about French artists and composers being drawn to all things Spanish, (Bizet’s Carmen anyone?) and what happens when the two meet, but I’ll just ad this little bit of fun; Massenet’s ‘Air de Ballet’- originally taken from his own first opera ‘Don César de Bazan’- a Spanish story- then used in his Suite no 4, and then, it was a hit after all, as a song called Nuit d’Espagne. In this short video from the ballet ‘Manon’ we’re back to French territory (with an English choreographer), but the fabulous dancer is the Spanish Tamara Rojo. Enjoy.

**I wish for a FB of Nuit Andalouse to spray with abandon and transport me to the Andalusian night, instead of my meagre and soon to be empty sample vial (purchased by me). But such quality comes at a price 215€ for 75ml. Although a reminder of the fantastic sample programme, if you are not already acquainted with the MDCI line.

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11 thoughts on “Night in the Spanish Garden-ias – Nuit Andalouse Parfums MDCI

  1. You know after smelling it, and now reading your review and thinking of their sampling programme, I really, really want to get some. 🙂

    • You should Ines, it’s such a generous sampling programme, and I can see there would be many perfumes in the range for you to love. Surely peche cardinale is just your thing, I haven’t tried the new Cuir Garamante yet, but that might be something for you too – not that I’m trying to enable or anything 😉

  2. Lovely writing as usual. I enjoyed “the white flower masquerade”.

    How about seeing if you can sell 5ml of your Iris Gris for 215 euro? 🙂

    • Thank you Tara, as you said yourself, one doesn’t tire of hearing it 🙂 what more can a blogger heart want than such lovely (writer-)readers.
      I didn’t think of you as someone with a nose for business, but I see I was wrong…

        • Ha, true, a refined one at that, I didn’t even notice, I was too busy enabling Ines 😀

  3. The siren song is doing its work – am well and truly reeled in by your luscious review! I am a fan of Promesse, as it happens, so I like the sound of Nuit d’Andalouse being its nocturnal counterpart. Also, I had a most memorable solo holiday in Seville, during which I happily roamed the streets till 3am – it was during a heatwave, so easy to do so – and till now only Seville a l’Aube has been around to remind me of that happy time.

    • If you are a fan of Promesse like I am, then I am quite confident you’d at the very least like NA, and hopefully even find the perfect match for your solo-night in Seville.

  4. I am just now coming back to read again, after the first reading stopped me short at “the stunning Enlèvement au Sérail, which has now been discontinued.” Ack! I departed your blog swiftly (I’m sorry to say) in search of a bottle, only to confirm I am too late. I hesitated too long on that purchase, and it seems they are all gone. So annoying.

    But on to the topic at hand. I loved your take on this, and it has me going back to my sample to search for the gardenia that I didn’t smell. Do you think you will be caving to a full bottle of this?

    • Yes, I know, BAD NEWS! about EaS. And no hard feelings for leaving for a while 😉
      I hope you found the gardenia, although since the ‘gardenia’ scent obviously is a mix of other things. I wonder which other gardenias you like?
      As to the full bottle, I can’t buy at the moment, but hopefully I will be able too soon.

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