Let us garlands bring- Puredistance Antonia & I

I normally need a bit of time to get used to a floral perfume, for it to settle and to appreciate it for what it is, not wishing it to be different. Or else I need to feel the urge to explore and want a certain type of florals- like a lily-of-the-valley or lilac perfume. Rarely, very rarely does a floral fragrance land on my wrist and without further ado, just belong there.

Puredistance’s Antonia is one of those special floral perfumes; it feels soft and inviting, begging to be sniffed because you simply can’t help yourself. It seems like such a summer floral. Opening with the most delicate soap bubbles as to highlight the flowers underneath, I smell the ylang ylang, the jasmine and the rose, but am unable to say where one stops and another begins, they are so softly intertwined, weaved like a garland rather than a bouquet. The ylang ylang brings a radiant silkiness to the elegant rose, just as the jasmine has all the dewiness but is void of any sharp indoles. A semi-sweet vanilla and buttery and slightly earthy greenery closes the garland. As sunny and flowing as the perfume is, in my mind it plays on two different strings, it has a strong personality yet is soft like velvet, in that sense it’s a feeling of divaesque naturalness or laid-back beauty.

“Then to Silvia let us sing,

That Silvia is excelling;

She excels each mortal thing

Upon the dull earth dwelling;

To her let us garlands bring”  From ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’

edouard villard mimosa

If Antonia is a garland, Puredistance ‘I’ feels like a honeyed meadow of wild flowers on an early summers day.

The mimosa, also acacia, is renowned for its sweet nectar, and the beautiful and somewhat sharp honey this blossom produces with a little help from their bee friends. This honey perhaps adds a bit of easy boldness to ‘I’ compared to the garlands of Antonia. A light hand strews sweet citrus notes over the honeyed flowers, just enough to make the sweetness pleasant and warm. And sunny grass and a wealth of flowers add depth and beauty. The fragrance comes to rest on a pillow of downy musk. It has a warm heart and a straight forward happiness that is intoxicating.

And because no one can say it better; “Kissing with golden face the meadows green,
Gilding pale streams with heavenly alchemy;” From sonnet XXXIII


And because it always is nice to read old reviews again, for more perfume reviews (just a few there are a lot out there) try Vanessa, Ines, Undina, Suzanne, Olfactoria, the non blonde and many more I’m sure. If you wrote about any of these two, feel free to ad your blog-link

14 thoughts on “Let us garlands bring- Puredistance Antonia & I

  1. Thank you for reminding me why I love these perfumes so much. 🙂
    Basically, if it comes from Puredistance, I can tell in advance I’ll love it.

    Now I just need to get my hands on bit more of M…

    • You’re welcome 😉 M is the only one I haven’t tried- yet! It’s always good to have something to look forward to.

  2. I love Antonia (as you probably know) but Puredistance I for some reason doesn’t want to sing on my skin.

    Thank you for the link!

    • So far the only one that acts strange for me is Black- I think it’s the cedar. You’re welcome, exactly like you say, it takes effort and heart to write, so linking is great. Although in the case of Antonia, the list is too long to mention them all. Fortunately for me it was such a long time ago I read the posts myself that I wasn’t influenced by them.

  3. I think the difference between a garland and a bouquet is a great way of describing how well blended Antonia is (and so is 1 for that matter).

    I am craving Opardu. I only had a tiny bit to start with and that was ages ago. I’d like a chance to get to know it better. Black didn’t work for me either.

    • Thank you, Tara 🙂 I feel the same about my Opardu sample, it’s such a beautiful, frail fragrance.

  4. Asali, because it’s my favorite Puredistance perfume, I’m so glad to hear that you loved Antonia – and your characterization of it as having a strong personality while also being soft like velvet is so true.

    Now I will have to wear Puredistance I in the next couple days to see if I experience the honey note that you describe. That will be fun, as it’s been a while since I’ve worn it.

    Thank you very kindly for the link!

    • Dear Suz, I didn’t know it was your favourite, but I can see how it suits you perfectly. About the characterisation; after having written the post, I went to the Puredistance homepage (to check the notes), and realised that it’s pretty much what the ad copy says. One a good note, one could say that I think they completely achieved what they set out to do 🙂 – I did feel a bit silly, though…
      Let me know about Puredistance I, do let me know.

  5. Asali, Antonia is one of my favourite florals too. Though, to tell the truth, I haven’t come across any Puredistance frag I don’t like; it’s all in the range of “like” to “love”. At this moment, Black is my favourite. 🙂
    I is, as you said, definitely an early summer perfume. I get the image of the dawn over the summer meadow…

    • Another love-vote for Antonia. I am with you on the “like” to “love” range, even if I personally don’t wear Black well, I still admire it and think it would smell great on others. How nice that you get the meadow association too for ‘I’- Annie Buzantian sure has a deft hand with florals.

  6. I love this review, but most especially the collage on the front page. It prompted me to go back and look at the main imagery for your other posts, and I have to say they are all fantastic. Are you doing them?

    I like (almost) all the Puredistance perfumes. They are so pretty and wonderful. I wish that there was one that was a complete love for me, but so far, there isn’t.

    • Natalie, you made my day! Thank you, yes, I do make them. It was one of my ideas in setting up the blog, that I wanted to do my own pics as much as I could. I’s mostly to force myself to spend time drawing/ taking photographs etc again. The goal I set myself was to be creative, but not perfectionist about it, so they are all rather quickly done. I made myself a time limit, and a credo that ‘good enough IS good enough’. Thank you again, so happy you like it.

      I know what you mean with the Puredistance opus. I feel that the way they make beautiful, quality fragrances, a ‘love’ for you, will come along sooner or later.

  7. Your blog design is getting more and more sumptuous every time I click on, most fittingly for this review of the two PD perfumes – lovely descriptions of both of them, particularly this one of Antonia, which perfectly captures the two main accords I remember in it: ‘a semi-sweet vanilla and buttery and slightly earthy greenery closes the garland’. Of the two, I found PD 1 more approachable, though the drydown of Antonia is spectacular. Then I am a big fan of BLACK yet Opardu, while pretty, was a bit too musky on my skin – a bit like a lilac version of Narciso Rodriguez for Her. We do all seem to have a very different set of favourites! If you run out of Antonia, let me know as I have a goodly amount of it.

    Oh, and I did review PD 1 on Bonkers, but it was a while ago, and I struggled to find it!


    • Thank you Vanessa. No more additions to the design now, promise. The carousel was such a great extra, I just had to find out how it worked. Perhaps it’s a bit ‘busy’- but then, I like it that way, as in general I prefer sumptuousness to minimalism. The same as with perfume really, so it fits to who I am.
      ‘a lilac version of Narciso Rodriguez for Her’- I see why this one is not your favourite then… And thanks for reminding me of your review 🙂

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