Iris Gris returns- Scent of Hope by DSH perfumes

The wait is over! Iris Gris, one of the most elusive scents ever, is back.

Iris is one of my absolute favourite notes in perfumery, and the combination of iris and peach is a particularly seductive combination. I was lucky enough to get my perfume paws on a bottle of the real deal, which I wrote about here, and the short of it is; Iris Gris is all my greedy iris-lover perfume heart could ever wish for and more. Needless to say, when I heard about Dawn Spencer Hurwitz new project, trying to recreate Iris Gris, I was very excited. Would I never have to worry about running out of Iris Gris again? DSC02108

So what does Scent of Hope smell like? The opening is a very juicy peach, really sunny and fleshy. It goes from there slowly into the perfect duet between the voluptuous buttery orris and the still glorious peach. The end of the song becomes slightly darker, the vetiver and suede gets to dominate although all through the fragrance the peach is noticeable.

When I do not elaborate it is simply because I can’t say much without repeating everything I said about Iris Gris already, that’s how close I feel that they are. What I can do is write about the few differences I notice along the way, but really, these are the tiniest of differences.

Now, where Scent of Hope starts off incredibly juicy, energetic and vibrant, Iris Gris is a bit more elegantly subdued in its aura. I would say Scent of Hope plays the violin to Iris Gris cello. I should put this in part down to age. Though my Iris Gris is in perfect condition, it’s of course a fact that materials change over time. I am confident that Dawn’s version is how Iris Gris would have smelled had it been hot off the bottling machines. After this, and for quite a while, they smell as close to identical as I would think possible, and it isn’t until the end that I notice differences again. Once more, Scent of Hope comes out sunnier whereas Iris Gris has a more austere appearance. In the dry down Iris Gris has a touch more depth and moist earthiness (due to age?), and I smell more vetiver, whereas perhaps I smell something a little animalic in Scent of Hope.DSC02117 Perhaps a fashionably cool suede jacket, to a vintage worn-in leather version of Iris Gris.

There is nothing old-fashioned about Iris Gris, and now that it actually exists in this splendid new version as Scent of Hope, it feels as niche fresh as you could dream of from any new launch. The quality is sublime, Scent of Hope is cool and warm, sun and shadow in one.

With DSH Perfume’s Scent of Hope, Iris Gris is no longer hope, but a dream fulfilled, now remains to hope the good fortune will spread to her customer, and everyone who will benefit from the proceeds of sales which go to Sense of Security, an organization dedicated to helping those coping with breast cancer afford their treatment and living expenses.

Thank you for Scent of Hope.

7 thoughts on “Iris Gris returns- Scent of Hope by DSH perfumes

  1. I’ve never tried Iris Gris so I wouldn’t know what I’m missing but I feel really happy for those people who would find Dawn’s creation to be a suitable replacement for a lost love.

    • I think Scent of Hope is more than worth trying to anyone who likes iris or peach or both 🙂 with or without Iris Gris as a reference, this is a wonderful perfume.

  2. I really, really want this! I’m still looking for my perfect iris and this could well be it. I think it’s tricky ordering from DSH from the UK but I will look into it. An unsniffed purchase may be on the cards. The fact funds go to charity is even more incentive.

    So good to have a comparison from someone who has the original. I never thought the similarity would be so close. Many thanks!

    • Yes, I know it’s not easy ordering from outside the US for anything but samples, for that we need mules 😉 it really is such a beautiful iris fragrance in its own right, I truly recommend this wholeheartedly, and hope you won’t be disappointed, which I can’t imagine you’d be.

  3. Undina beat me to the punch! – am not familiar with Iris Gris, and not really chasing a HGIS 😉 like Tara, but it seems a fine example of imitation being used by a perfumer to very positive effect, also for the charitable angle.

    • Not many people are familiar with Iris Gris, I think 😉 but for all those people to whom this was the big white elephant, well now there is (scent of) hope 🙂
      Also, this is simply a gorgeous perfume in its own right

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