Hello Handsome! Clove Absolute- Washington Tremlett

Do you know those samples that arrive at the wrong time and consequently end up abandoned in a corner? Then all of a sudden they reappear, it turns out at this exact time they hit all the right spots, and you can’t believe the foolishness of having left this gem undiscovered for so long.nelliker

Perhaps it was the beautiful spring arriving so early, and a wonderful summer, which I can blame for this mishap. However as soon as temperatures dropped, the sample of Washington Tremletts Clove Absolute called to me; ‘go on, try me!’ Still a little reluctantly I dabbed the vial onto the wrists. Mmmhm, mmmmhhhhhmmmmmmm, oh this is NICE! Where have you been all my life? Where were you when I wanted spices without smelling of ‘old spice’, gingernuts, Chai or Lebkuchen? Where were you when I was looking for the crossover between Winter Delices and Metallica?? Where were you- most importantly- when I was looking for the scent of a smug cat’s fur, soaked in spring sunshine??? Or when I wanted that domesticated in-laws approved Musc Koublaï Khan????

‘Well, you know, foxy, I was right there, all along’.

Nonononono, I’m not that easy; just for you showing up all spicy, oriental and handsomely musky.

I have worn the contents of my little dab vial day after day, each day before re-applying trying to tell my- perfume-hoarding-self that it really is just a clove perfume with a furry-musky dry-down, there you have it (and stop reading here if you don’t want the rose-tinted version) but wearing it is another matter.

Cat in a bowl

Cat in a bowl

The beginning is a vibrant but soft bergamot diving straight into that heart of cloves. The cloves get accentuated with a metallic twang of incense, which gives off an impression that carnation could have been present. Then staying there for quite some time, mulling over its fragrant ways with a little spicy rose (again snuggling up to that carnation feel) and a touch of heliotrope-only adding the tiniest bit of powdery almonds, it slowly descends into a feline state of contentment. Vanilla, labdanum and musk mysteriously add up to that intimate scent of sleepy-warm hair, fur and skin. The musk and animalic qualities- the way it stays so just on the right side of naughty, and thereby manages to be coy and cuddly, with just a glint in the eye. And if you see a tall, dark stranger hear a growl, well, tell him I said hello.

For reviews of Washington Tremlett’s Clove Absolut see; Sorcery of scent, Australian Perfume Junkies Perfume Posse


*Sample given to me by Ines- All I am- a Redhead

**Main picture as well as the one below, is from the brilliant site ‘deshommesetdeschatons’  the others mine.


16 thoughts on “Hello Handsome! Clove Absolute- Washington Tremlett

  1. Oh wow! I know you said you loved it but I didn’t actually realize to what extent this went. 😀

    Now I need to smell it again. My poor bottle is all lonely and discarded in the back of my wardrobe.

    P.S. Those are some really handsome men….

    • Yes, see now what you’ve done 😉 I hope your lonely and discarded bottle will find more attention now. And the ‘man and cat’-site is awesome, the photo collages are made with such style and humour, I’m glad you enjoyed the man-part.

  2. Hey there,
    I LOVE this fragrance. Cool stuff. I find it SERIOUSLY big. FloureScent trail.
    Thank you too for the Link-Love
    Portia xx

    • Hiya Portia, you’re very welcome. Glad to see this one getting so much deserved love, even if I’m slightly late to the clove absolute ball. I see a FB on the horizon…

  3. Yes, great pics!

    Love that it’s a SMUG cat and the idea of a in-laws approved MKK is fab. Brilliant writing.

    This one was definitely purring your name 🙂

    • Giggle, yes I think you’re right- it’s purring my name. Thank you for your as always support and kind words.

  4. I’ve never even heard about this brand but you sold it to me with that cat’s picture in the opening 😉

    I enjoyed the review and I hope you’ll greet the bottle into your collection soon.

    • It’s those dang 100ml full price bottles, or I would have pressed the buy button by now 😉
      The cat-pic is almost cheating I know- but I find it says it all.
      Washington Tremlett wasn’t a brand on my radar either before this sample arrived.

  5. In the words of another blogger (JoanElaine of Redolent of Spices, whom I miss) …

    Meeeoww!! 😉

    • Me too. And ‘right back at ya!’ 😉

  6. I like the sound of all the notes except the clove, hehe. Would that exclude me from liking it? Clove and carnation always put me in mind of the dentist’s chair unless they are very, very muted. I am pleased that you eventually bonded with it though – it is all too easy for samples to languish in the box for years on end. Who knows what undiscovered treasures may be lying there…?

    • I would say it’s not that kind of clove. I get that from current version Shalimar; Root canal surgery :-/ Is that the one you mean?
      Perhaps we should make a languished-sample-bloggers-relay, send two samples you never tried to another blogger who then has to write about one of them, who sends off to the next etc 😀

  7. I am thinking a bit about the opening to Vitriol d’Oeillet (sp?) and that Cartier Les Heures one that is carnation-centric. And several of the JARs. The perfumer there seems to be carnation mad, hehe.

    • Ok, need to try the two first again, the JARs I can’t remember, too long ago 🙂

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