Chez Moi- perfume around the house in pictures

Inspired by Vanessaand Undina’s posts on how we store perfume, and if we leave any perfumes out for decorative purpose, I thought I’d give you a little ‘Tour de Chambre’ on how I have different perfume and perfume related objects in my home. (this does not include the samples which seems to crop up just about everywhere).






Shelves in the living room. One has the remainders of Boxeueses that Ines kindly send me when I asked if she had a sample. I left it out to be admired. The vintage bottles came empty as extras I think, when I bought some ‘real’ perfume, so I felt they could get some air-time too.


012My favourite vintage perfume adverts. That My Sin one is simply the best! And a bit of perfume lit.


Below: Above my writing desk- normally I wouldn’t leave perfumes out like that, but since I actually bought Carven Ma Griffe mostly for its bottle-beauty, it’s out for the moment at least.


Right is my bed side table withsome good-night decants,and a Memo candle. I don’t actually burn it there BTW. Below: A view of my pretty random assembly of ‘glass-tray’ perfumes. Apart from the beautiful Lubin Etoile-bottle.



Only thing left is my practising booth/ room. I’ll leave you with an ‘interpretation’ of that.

Where and which fragrant things you like to have around you?

image2All pics mine. And I have tried to align all pictures, but it seems impossible, so I apologise for that.

16 thoughts on “Chez Moi- perfume around the house in pictures

  1. Great pictures, thank you for sharing!

    What are your “good-night decants?” Are you actually using them? I’m asking because I have some dab samples in the drawer of my night stand that I thought I might use as sleep scents but I forget to do it more often then not.

    P.S. Do you have two bottles of Ma Griffe? (or do you take the same one from the writing desk to the practicing room? 😉

    • Haha, it was done on purpose to check your alertness dear Undina 😉 no, of course not, I just change around things quite a lot, although admittedly Carven was never in my practise room, mea culpa.
      I find that with my bed time scents, this way I get to use my decants, which otherwise tend to be forgotten, so yes, I do use them. They are Cologne pour le soir, mazzolari Lei, Bois d’Armenie, Bal Musque, and a bottle of Femme parfum de toilette which for some reason has poor longevity compared with my other bottle, so ideal for sleeping. Again the decants change from time to time. Which are yours?

  2. Lovely, atmospheric snapshots of your home – with or without the perfumes indeed. 😉 The posters are particularly attractive. Bottlewise, I am intrigued by the zebra one in the bottom picture. It looks like D & G By Man? Oh, the only thing in your flat that I also own is that white shoebox-style storage unit, hehe.

    • Thank you Vanessa <3 Well, what can I say - we have great taste in white storage units 😉 I hate to disappoint you but it's way more predictable, it's a Vol de Nuit extrait 7,5ml. I found that I didn't wear the extrait enough even if I adore it, so I took it out but (obviously) left it in its zebra box.

  3. What a delightfull overview of how you display your bottles. Love your idea to keep your decants near your bed to use them. And your Memo candle, which fragrance is it ? How do you like it ? I love scented candles especially THE ones from Nicolai Parfumeur Createur or Oliver & Co and my Guerlain bottles in THE bathroom.

    Do I see a Guerlain Extrait Box as Well on your photograph with THE zebra box 😉

    • Thank you, as you might have spotted there are loads of Elle Decoration magazines, so I obviously like looking at other peoples homes too 🙂 The Memo is Sexy in St Tropez, which is really nice, not at all too much as one might think. I like the Voluspa candles (so pretty), and also had some photos of them, but left them out in the end, since the photo-editing on the post gave me too much trouble. Will look into the ones you mention.
      Yes, it’s the VdN box, you spotted correctly 🙂
      Had I known all this guessing, I should have made it a proper treassure hunt 😀

  4. Asali, your arrangements are tres chic! My favorite two photos: the one of the various blue items (I love that candle holder!) with the Sous le Vent advert and the photo of the arrangement with the Lubin Etoile bottle. Btw, I think you should show everyone that exquisite chandelier in your bedroom which you sent me a photo of once.

    • Merci beaucoup, Suzanne. I bought the Etoile bottle for decorative purpose. And as a bonus, because of its opacity the perfume is fine too, even if the scent is nothing special, unlike the bottle. Yes, my purple teardrop chandelier, I will at some point 🙂 I love chandeliers, and would preferably have chandeliers everywhere including the kitchen.

  5. I love this post! You are seriously stylish. I could look at pics of your home all day. They are so inspiring. I must get onto buying some old ads and framing them. More pics whenever possible please. And yes to the chandelier!

    Like Suzanne, I also noted your love of blue objects. Is it a favourite colour of yours? I love it in ornaments but not clothes etc.

    How cute that V thought the VdN was D&G 🙂

    Oh and excellent heart balloon main pic!

    • Thank you 😀 ok, will do. You might think me stylish, but I’m also a bit messy, so the photo shoot is not exactly ready to go 😉
      Funny about the blue, I can see that now… Actually the blue happened because my living room has a warm light grey-brown sort of colour. I also have a lot of wooden furniture, a red lamp and chair and an orangey brown leather sofa, so the blue is to add some cool shades to the warm colours so it doesn’t get too sickly. So, to answer your question, I think I like most colours, it’s just a question for me what goes together.
      He, yes funny the VdN. I don’t even know the D&G, do you? It’s dc’ed isn’t it?

  6. Pretty late to jump in but I really enjoyed your photos! As Tara said, you are so stylish! I also love the My Sin advert, I got it sometime ago but haven’t framed it yet. By the way, I’m in love with your blue pottery pieces!
    I really need to tidy up my house… *sigh*

    • Always nice with comments however soon or late they come Magpie. I’m sorry if I made you think of tidying up, I can tell you that you won’t believe how far from an intention that was 😀 Thank you for the compliment, and the pottery pieces (3of them) are Bitossi mid century ceramics called Rimini blue. I fell in love with the cat found cheaply on the bay and the two vases on Danish flee markets for a song.

  7. Hi Jasia – also a late (and a first) comment from me 🙂 Nice pictures – I love the My Sin ad (and the old Lanvin ads in general) – been looking for one similar to yours for ages but can only find a version that is more oblong… Where did you find yours? And what is that I see – did a rose (Stella) sneak into you collection 😉

    • Late is good too 🙂 and nice to ‘see’ you here. The My Sin was really just the Bay, but you can try Hprints too, although prices might be higher,they have so many gorgeous adverts there.
      Hehe, amazed someone didn’t mention the Stella photobomb before, really I do have other roses, but Stella is original and needs a better home than mine which is why she’s out, so I don’t forget to pass her on to someone else.

  8. Haha I like your Stella photobomb – and it’s probably no surprise that I used to wear it almost exclusively 😉 I love it but now it belongs to another time in my life and I feel a little odd whenever I decide to dig it out… Hope it will find a happy home 🙂 I will keep my eye on ebay and Hprints – they really have many amazing ads!!

    • I always want to buy everythig at Hprints, and then out of indecision end up with nothing 🙂

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