Celebrating December with an Atelier Cologne Draw and Voucher Code

Today on December 1st I am delighted to host the very first give-away here on The Sounds of Scent. girl-surprise-puppy-cuteness

Having been on the receiving end of a draw I know how much joy it brings, so I am very happy that Atelier Cologne has chosen for commenters world-wide to be given the chance to win a really generous prize; A 200 ml AND a 30 ml Cologne Absolue to be chosen from the Collections Originale or Matières Absolues, or Sous le Toit de Paris (from Les Exclusives) + a personalised/ engraved leather case. It is one prize for one commenter.

I have not yet tested the range myself, so am very excited for the samples to arrive, and hopefully I will be able to write something about my own favourites from the line before the end of the draw.mcx-surprise-gift-1210-mdn

To be in with the chance to win, I ask you to do the following:

Write a comment to this post in which you let me know which perfume from Atelier Cologne you would choose and why, as well as two ingredients from this perfume.

You will be entered twice if you share this post on Facebook or Twitter, and let me know in your comment that you have done so. (If under another user-name than your comment-name, drop me a line- see contacts )

The competition will run till Sunday 7th and I will make the notification here, on Monday December 8th 2014.




There’s a great extra; should you want to explore Atelier Colognes further, here are two voucher codes which will be available for anyone to use world-wide for all of December.

1) THESOUNDSOFSAMPLES : This code allows you to have our
confection sample of all our collection for 10€ instead of 20€
2) THESOUNDSOFCANDLE : We offer an Orange Sanguine candle for every
purchase of a cologne absolue 100ML, 200ML, or for any gift boxes.

Good Luck

The competition is now closed- winner announced tomorrow 7-12-2014


94 thoughts on “Celebrating December with an Atelier Cologne Draw and Voucher Code

  1. Ambre Nue without a doubt! Atelier is lovely but most of their creations are too fresh for me. Ambre, with its benzoin and patchouli, is just perfect. Thank you for the wonderful draw.

    • Reamar, first commenter, amber is always good 🙂 you’re in.

  2. Hello Jasia,

    I love Orange Sanguine for it’s natural orange smell and also for the geranium note.
    My second favourite for this house is Gold Leather, which is absolutely amazing. Leather with run, some plums, delicious.
    I shared your post on my facebook wall.
    Thank you!

    • Orange and geranium, nice. You’re in Rodin Mita

  3. Hello, what a wonderfull give away! I would be very very happy of receiving Silver Iris. As i love powdery scents with beep soul though lightfull aura this would be my favourite. It have few of my fav notes.. iris, tonka bean and violet. I definitely shared this by facebook.

    • Kosmos, I ador iris, but the metal collection is not part of the draw. You’re in

  4. I would choose Mistral patchouli, because it’s quite surprising interpration of the note. It’s more about anis, but there’s all the deliciousness of patchouly.

    • Jaakiem, I like anis a lot in perfume too, you’re in

  5. Hello,
    Great give away! It would be a great pleasure to receive Gold Leather. I love the combination between leather and plum. Good luck to everyone who participate at this draw.

    • Nechifor, the metal collection is not a part of the draw I’m affraid, but you’re in.

  6. Oooh thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway! it would be such a beautiful surprise to win Gold Leather. This perfume is so mysterious and magical, and it’s because of leather combined with plum. I love wearing it when it’s cold outside! Good luck perfumed friends!

    • Lula Mae, the metal collection is not a part of the draw I’m affraid, but you’re in

  7. Blanche Immortelle is my favorite from the sample set I bought. There’s something about the basenotes, patchouli, vetiver and sandalwood, that makes it too good to be true. Thais is a wonderful opportunity. Thank you. 🙂

  8. I love the metal collection, but of the Matières Absolues I would love to win Rose Anonyme, a real standout to me with its superb rendition of the rose/oud accord. Maybe it’s the papyrus which gives it that mysterious, old library aura?
    Thank your very much for the draw, I also shared this post on Facebook.

    • I really like the papyrus in Papyrus de ciane, so looking forward to trying this one too. You’re in Jan

  9. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! I really admire Atelier Cologne creations and love many of them. My favourite is Vanille Insensee – wonderful, non edible, light, smoky and so different vanilla perfume. I like a lot Rose Anonyme and Bois Blonds as well. Big applause for Gold Leather composition – it’s just unique with its cold woodiness…I could go on 🙂
    I shared this post on Facebook.

    • Smokey vanilla is the best 😉 You’re in Kaisa

  10. I would love to try Rendez-Vous!
    It has some of my favourite notes, such as Osmanthus and Leather, plus Bergamot and Lemon,from Southern Italy, my home country.

    Post shared on my facebook wall.

    • Rendez-Vouz is also collection metal and not a choice unfortunately, but you’re in the draw

      • Oh, that’s a shame, I must have misunderstood that I could pick one of Les Exclusives! I would then choose Sur Les Toits de Paris from the same collection, I would love to smell the combo of Violet Leaves and Leather!

        • No worries, you’re still in- but thanks for letting me know 🙂

  11. I know only two fragrances from Atelier Cologne: Rose Anonyme and Vetiver Fatal. The latter is my favourite because of the unusual combination of vetiver and plum. I usually do not like plum as a note, but in this case is very well balanced and together with the vetiver releases a great, fresh, modern smell.

    Thanks for the draw!

    • Paul M, you’re welcome and you’re in

  12. This is a fantastic inaugural give-away! My choice would be Sous Le Toit de Paris with its violet and leather. I think it’s a modern take on the French Classic Le Dix which I love. Thanks to you and Atelier Cologne!

    • Le Dix, how interesting, Tomate Farcie, so happy with all these comparisons and suggestions. You’re in

  13. Thank you to Atelier for this generous draw opportunity and to you for hosting it.

    My choice would be Vanilla Insensee as my vanilla scents are limited and I find this very wearable compared to sweeter vanillas. I love that it also contains oakmoss (!!) from Slovenia and jasmine from Egypt. Given that Atelier’s website says this is a mix-and-match offer I’d make my 30 ml Amber Nue with its tagetes from Egypt and benzoin from Thailand.

    I love visiting your blog to see your latest illustrations.

    • Thank you, I try to keep up with it:-) Oakmoss is always great. You’re in

  14. I would love to win Gold Leather, juicy plum with leather and accord of rum.Amazing!
    Thank you for the draw! I shared this post on Facebook.

    • GL does sound amazing, but unfortunately not part of the draw, still, you’re in

  15. Hallo, Asali, and thank you for the gorgeous draw you organized with Atelier Cologne! I am in love with almost everything I tried from their range, and it’s hard to choose. However, Oolang Infini impressed me to a greatest extent! I am a tea-lover, and it’s rare to find a proper smokey tea note in perfume. Or at least, I hadn’t found it until I put my nose into my skin dabbed with Oolang Infini! It hypnotized me! I love the bergamot, the oolang, the suede, the pungent smoke, and some loukhoum (turkish delight) associations (though far from being sweet, but we have some differently sented variations on the topic here, in Bulgaria, which I get in there). Thanks for the codes, as well. I still haven’t tried the whole Collection Metal, Cedrat Envirant and Rendez-Vous, and I would probably take advantage of the code!

    • Smokey tea, it does sound great. You’re in

  16. what a wonderful draw!! I think I would enjoy layering Sous le Toit de Paris (200mL) with Vetiver Fatal (30mL)–I believe their similar top notes as well as both including French violet leaves and Haitian Vetiver in the heart and base notes make them a natural day/night pairing and the tonka-musk-leather in the base of Sous le Toit would complement the fig-cedar wood-oud accord in Vetiver Fatal.

    Tweeted: https://twitter.com/nanibrowneyes/status/539758631848140800

    I am in the US.

    • Ooh layering, what fun. Thanks for the tip. You’re in, R C Lizzy.

  17. I would love Sous le Toit de Paris. Thank you for the generous offer.

    • Hi Lilian, you need to read the question again, I think 😉

      • My apologies. I was unsuccessful at multitasking this morning.
        The Sous le Toit de Paris…..the scent of violet leaves…the memories of gardening with my favorite aunt, especially when she thought i was nuts for digging up her wild violets and planting them in my yard. The blooms were gone but the leaves smelled fresh and pungent. A perfect juxtaposition with neroli. Bright, awakening, sweet…genius addition of white leather, soft, sensuous.

        • Mornings are not my favourite time either. Very glad you got my message to come back 🙂 You’re in

  18. How wonderful! I would choose Vanille Insensée. The Vanilla and oak work beautifully together. I would chose Oolang Infini as the 30ml.

    Thank you!

  19. Wow, that’s a generous giveaway, Asali!
    I haven’t tried any of their fragrances yet, I’ve just ordered a sample set the other day and waiting for them to arrive! From the notes posted on their website, I’m so drawn to Oolang Infini; I’m a huge fan of tea, neroli and tobacco notes in perfumes. Oolang Infini sounds just divine mixed with jasmine and freesia!
    I’m hoping that you would try one of the Atelier Cologne fragrances soon and write an article (or two) about them. I’m so interested in what your opinion would be. <3

    • Magpie, I wasn’t in when they delivered my samples today :-/ . I will try an do something asap. You’re in the draw 🙂 Oolang infini does sound good.

  20. How sweet of you! I’ve been wanting to try Gold Leather since the launch as leather is my favorite note and it should be downright gorgeous with the plum and saffron. Liked and shared on facebook, and here’s hoping!

    • Chapeau Clack, the metal collection is not a part of the draw I’m affraid, but you’re in.

  21. i shared this offer
    my choice would be gold leather because i tried it recently and i like leather perfumes, also for plum and leather notes. thank you !

    • Edith, you’re welcome and you’re in

  22. Thanks for the draw. Gold leather , definitely. Oud and rum ! a party on its own ! Shared on facebook.

  23. OOLANG INFINI sounds really interesting…
    Oolang tea and tobacco flower are two of the ingredients
    Shared on my fb page
    Thank you!

  24. I’d pick trefle Pur because it was my favourite with violet leaves and neroli. thanks

    • Elia, you’re welcome and you’re in

  25. It is a fantastic opportunity 🙂 I do love Atelier Cologne scents, but I own only Rose Anonyme and Orange Sanguine. Now I’ve chosen Santal Carmin – mostly because of two main ingredients, sandalwood and saffron. (And if I had possibility now, I would buy Silver Iris too 🙂 )

    • Sandalwood and saffron, two of my favourites too. You’re in

  26. (Sorry, and of course I shared your post on my facebook too.)

  27. Thanks for this chance! Mistral Patchouli sounds lovely – black pepper, pomelo, with a base of patchouli and benzoin? Ahhh…olfactory bliss 🙂

  28. I loved exploring all the different scents. I think Oolang Infini would be my favorite, though there are at least three others I’d like to try. The blend of the oolang and the bergamot sounds simultaneously cool and warm. Gorgeous.

    • Rincoglionita, you’re in. Exploring is always fun.

  29. I would choose Sous le toit de Paris, which I have been wearing like there is no tomorrow from my quickly disappearing decant. I can’t quite pick out the white leather or the geranium from South Africa, but I think the leather might lend the perfume a slightly dusty quality? Thank you 🙂

    • Nemo, sounds like you’ll need a top up soon. You’re in

  30. Thanks for the generous draw! I’d really love to try Sous le Toit de Paris – bergamot, musk, leather, violet leaves. It just sounds divine. (The notes in Rendez-vous also look amazing, but alas it is not available for the set). I’d love to try Bois Blonds for the little bottle too! Shared your post via twitter!

    • Sun Mi, you’re welcome, and in the draw.

  31. I would *love* to try Atelier’s Bois Blonds – the combination of the top citruses (petigrain, bergamot & neroli), with the blond wood & musk base – and so much more throughout – is right up my alley. (I am also sharing this blog on my QuoterGal FB profile.) Thanks for this chance!

  32. I would choose Santal Carmin. The inclusion of both Sandalwood and Saffron made this absolutely beautiful when I had an opportunity to smell it. Thank you for your generosity.

    • Santal Carmin unfortunately is also not part of Ecrin, but you’re in.

  33. Hi!:)
    I haven’t tried anything by Atelier Cologne so far but i’ve taken time to go through quite few reviews these days to figure out which of the range could go on my want list. Thus, i find Vanille Insensee and Gold Leather the most tempting))
    First of all, i’m really into vanilla, not too sweet and overpowering. that what makes Vanille Insensee so much attractive. As for the note of leather, it’s been my recent discovery) i’ve got only 2 perfumes with the leather note dominating and i’m eager to explore more. moreover, according to the reviews Gold Leather is calling for a boozy-plummery leather note which sounds amazing…)
    Am i lucky to win or not, i’m already hooked by a few creations by AC…and there are more that seem to be really appealing, like Rose Anonyme or Orange Sanguine…oh My!)))
    Thank you for this opportunity and good luck to everyone!:)

    • oh)me too, i forgot to mention) shared!)

    • That’s what I do, compare and compare 🙂 Vanille Insensée really is a nice non sugary vanilla. You’re in

  34. I would be so happy to win ” Gold Leather” ( 2 indian ingredients: davana and gaiac wood) because, after testing it, it’s my favourite from their entire line
    thanks so much for the draw

    • So many seem to love gold leather, I’m looking forward to testing, but unfortunately is also not part of Ecrin, but you’re in.

  35. I have had the opportunity to sample everything in the Atelier Collections Originale, and I was very impressed by the quality of the fragrances.

    But the one that really attracts me is Rendez-Vous, and I have not even sampled it yet! The citrus notes up top, the osmanthus and iris butter in the heart, and the suede and patchouli base — this all sounds utterly delicious to me — even voluptuous.

    • Rendez-Vous unfortunately is also not part of Ecrin, but you’re in.

  36. I would love to try Gold Leather because of the leather and plum combination. I shared on twitter. Thanks for the beautiful offer! <3

    • You’re welcome. Gold leather unfortunately is also not part of Ecrin, but you’re in.

  37. Let me take a chance as well 🙂

    I’d probably go for Rose Anonyme. Why? Because in Atelier’s version rose + agarwood don’t bother me as it does in many other perfumes (and because I already own all others that I like from the line – though maybe I need more? Hmm… I’ll think about it if I win).

    • P.S. I had my doubts about sharing this great giveaway 😉 but decided to be a good sport and shared it on Twitter.

      • haha, I know, that’s how I feel 😉

    • Absolutely 🙂 Hm, now you make me want to try Rose Anonyme instantly. You’re in

  38. My favorite from the line is Orange Sanguine whose ingredients
    include blood orange and sandalwood.

    I have also shared this post on Twitter.

  39. gold leather, i guess it’s unisex so we can share 😉

    • Haha, nice one :-), Gold leather is still not part of Ecrin, but you’re in

  40. gold leather, i guess it’s unisex so we can share 😉 ps. leather and oud

  41. Someone mentioned the freshness of Atelier Cologne’s perfumes and it is one of the reasons why I love them. Most of my fragrances are not fresh in this sense. I like “fresh” fragrances much more than my usual perfumes show. My first fragrance from Atelier Cologne has been Rose Anonyme and it’s still my favorite from the house. This is very lovely opportunity and I’d like to choose Sous le toit de Paris. I’m intrigued by the combination of raw materials used in it. Violet leaves and geranuim, after opening with citruses, sounds nice to me and this is the main reason why just this perfume.
    I also have to try Santal Carmin, it could easily be just for me.
    Instead of sharing from the blog, I made my tweet a few days ago and it was sent to FB, as usual. I love shares. 🙂
    Happy holidays!

    • I hadn’t tried them at all before, and I’m really digging the cologne opening that they have as a signature. As you say it keeps them fresh.
      And I know you’re THE SHARER <3 of course, you're in.

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