A Silver Lining- Agartha April Aromatics (2016)

I never meant to be away for so long it just sort of happened… If you’re still there, and you actually read this, thank you for your patience.

When Tanja of April Aromatics asked if she could send me a sample of her newest creation Agartha, of course I was happy that she wanted me to get to know her new perfume, but it was also wonderful to get the much-needed nudge to start writing again.
Well, that’s not strictly speaking true; I’ve been writing loads, just not about perfume. Anyway, as work and many other things have taken up my time, the story of Agartha is actually very relevant. More than once have I wished for the ‘rabbit hole’ (not referring to the perfumed one for once) to appear before me and let me step into a time pocket to do all those things which the roller coaster of life doesn’t seem to cater to, while not ‘wasting’ time outside in ‘real time’.

Agartha seemed a strange name to me at first, but Tanja chose the name for a place which, in her words, is ‘about hope, a perfect place a bit like paradise’, and to quote wiki “Agartha  is a legendary city that is said to be located in the Earth’s core”. And for those who thinks this a little too steep, she wanted to create the perfume around; sweetness, happiness, hope.

Agartha on my skin is fairly linear, but with great longevity, even more so when you consider that this perfume is (as all of April Aromatics’ perfumes) 100% natural. There’s the honeyed part of the fruit melting with the honeyed part of Himalayan mimosa into the honey and in a wondrous way balancing to be fresh rather than cloying. I don’t mean like in green or hesperidic-fresh, more like this bright liveliness, like sunbeams!
The other notes are cardamom, hay, tobacco leaf, labdanum, patch and oud. Pressed I would say I get the hay, and I can see how the oud interacts beautifully with the honey to make it earthy and even, rather than having the sharp, or dare I say urinal, scent that honey can sometimes have. This should by all sense make for a quite heavy perfume, yet there it is light, peaceful and uplifting.

Agartha is the most unusual easy-wear perfume I think I’ve come across in a very long time, as in it isn’t something seen a thousand times before, and at the same time it’s eminently wearable.

Perhaps it took Agartha to remind me what perfume can be at its best; a means to transport you somewhere where you can be the best possible version of yourself.

14 thoughts on “A Silver Lining- Agartha April Aromatics (2016)

  1. Welcome back, Asali! Your honey bees are beautiful, and, coupled with your description of Agartha as being as uplifting as sunbeams, you make it sound every bit as delightful as an early summer’s day. I find cardamom a very uplifting note, and I can well imagine it would have a pleasing effect on honey!

    • Thank you Suzanne, well it’s nice to have finally broken the spell. I think you know how that feels, and that that bit is somehow the worst…
      As you like the AAs a lot too, I can imagine you would enjoy this one.

  2. Glad to see you writing again! 🙂 And about such a nice perfume.
    I wouldn’t mind being transported to a better place.

    • Ha! Exactly, it seems that perfumes which don’t have that quality these days needn’t apply 😉 we’ve got enough real world bad news these days…
      Thank you, it’s good to be back.

  3. Very happy that Agartha tempted you back and reminded you what of one of things you love about perfume. We all need that now and again. It sounds unique and heaven knows we could all do with being transported to somewhere uplifting and hopeful. Great timing!
    Looks like you combined the photo with your own watercolour and ink drawing. Wonderful.

    • I did Tara, well spotted.
      As I just wrote to Ines, yes it truly seems we need an extra dose of escapism (and temptation) at this time, and Agartha comes in very handy there. I believe you are not so fond of the honey note, yet I would be very curious how you should like this one, since it seems like the honey is more like floral sweetness.

  4. What a great perfume! I mean, I’m not sure if I will like it when I try it eventually (honey is a very tricky note on my skin), but I like it already for getting you out of your hole (unfortunately, not a rabbit kind) back to us.

    You know how they say that a picture is worth a thousand words? I wouldn’t say that your illustration is better than your description: I think they sing together in a beautiful duet.

    • Aw, thank you Undina, such a sweet comment on all fronts. I do wonder if it wouldn’t actually suit you quite well, since I know you have been in search on the perfect mimosa and you like the sweetness of linden, and here, the honey is perhaps almost a bit like linden, at least it’s not your usual honey.

  5. Wow, this sounds like just the kind of scent to put (a) spring in your step – and the notes sound right up my alley, especially the mimosa and cardamom combo which I so enjoy in the Jo Malone of that name. Glad it made you delurk in blogging terms!

    • Hehe, delurk, such a Vanessaish word, and sorry to let you down on the words front this time 😀
      You know, my Danish perfume friend described JM mimosa and cardamom perfectly to me, she said something like; ‘it overfills your nostrils’, and I agree even if the smell is actually very lovely. It’s a good comparison though, in the sense of when and how you would wear the fragrances, and the uplifting and sunny side.

  6. We missed you! 🙂 Your review and the illustration are quite tempting, Agartha may actually be the first perfume in 2017 that is calling my name…

    • Hi Marie, Thank you very much 🙂 can I just add, what a beautiful blog you have! Will go and read up, love the variety of themes.
      I’m afraid I just checked that Tanja actually sold out already! BUT, I do believe that with it having been so popular she will do another batch. The AAs don’t come cheap, but if you find one you love, they are truly worth it.

  7. This does sound really cheerful, just the thing after a long winter.

    Glad it got you writing again, and it really ought to jolt me into trying AA’s as I generally love mimosa 🙂

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